Meal Delivery Robot

  • Boosting Work Efficiency
  • Saving Labor Cost
  • Promoting Service Differentiation
  • Attracting More Customers

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Secrets of High-efficiency

PuduBot is featured with high-efficiency.
- A reasonable mechanical structure makes multiple trays on one robot possible.
- A set of sophisticated algorithms makes multiple tasks within one delivery possible.
- And an innovated dispatch system makes collaboration among multiple robots possible.
These are the secrets of PuduBot, who saves labor cost, elevates serving efficiency, and improves service level of your restaurants.




A Non-humanoid Robot

PuduBot is a perfect combination of elegance and functionality. It blends in all kinds of restaurant decorations easily due to its minimalist design. The attraction of a novel dining experience when robots are serving, will surely bring more customers to your restaurant.

Anti-slippery Design
Both Safe and Functional

The trays are placed on the inclined frame. This design guarantees that the gravity center of the robot will always be on top of the chassis so that it won’ t tumble forward or backward when passing through bumps.
Anti-slip mats on the trays create large friction, which prevents dishes sliding and food splashing. The indipendent suspension chassis eases the bumps on the path to the greatest.

An Expert on Positioning and Locomotion

The multi-sensor fusion positioning and navigation technology based on LiDAR, visual sensor, UWB, IMU, encoder, infrared and ultrasonic sensors, etc., empowers PuduBot to locomote in the restaurant precisely. PuduBot’ s autonomous locomotion ability includes cm-level positioning, accurate map creating, agile obstacle avoiding and optimized path planning.

Set Sail Effortlessly

The deployment of PuduBot does not shorten restaurants usual opening hours, it only requires a minimum 2 hours to create maps and prepare itself for first delivery. Functions like auto-charge, remote fault recovery and software upgrade saves a lot of effort for restaurant owners.

Direct Delivery Mode

One PuduBot can be assigned with multiple delivery tasks to separate tables at the same time. Attendants put orders from separate tables on different trays, input table numbers, and PuduBot will reach customers following optimized paths.

Cruise Delivery Mode

This mode is designed for delivering buffet food & beverage or napkins in large and medium-sized restaurants. PuduBot follows preset closed paths, and invites customers to take what they want through voice and visual notifications.


  • 4h
  • 24h
  • 10kg
  • 15°
  • 30kg
  • ABS/Aluminium Alloy
  • 516*200*1220mm
  • Charging Time
  • Battery Life
  • Tray Bearing
  • Max. Climbing Grade
  • Machine Weight
  • Machine Material
  • Machine Size

Explore More Scenarios of PuduBot

PuduBot is proposed as a commercial robot with strong extensibility. Its outstanding locomotion technology can be used in various indoor delivery and demonstration scenarios. PuduTech also offers customized advertisement services for clients in demand.
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