In COVID-19, Pudu Robotics provides non-contact delivery service in hundreds of hospitals worldwide

2020-06-05 | PuduTech

In COVID-19, Pudu Robotics provides non-contact delivery service in hundreds of hospitals worldwide  

During COVID-19, Hundreds of Pudu Robotics’ robot Pudubot is offering delivery service in hospitals worldwide. This non-contact delivery service by Pudubot helps avoid the spread of virus.

After the outbreak of COVID-19, the pandemic with the characteristic of human-to-human transmission, a large number of hospitals and restaurants are seeking help from Pudu Robotics out of an urgent need for non-contact delivery.

Pudu Robotics responded positively by devoting robots to several hospitals in Seoul, South Korea, Beijing, China, Wuhan, China and so on. Because Pudu Robotics’ robots are fully automatic , they can achieve the delivery process all by themselves, which reduces contact between people and effectively prevents the spread of the virus. 

Pudubot is equipped with multi-sensor and positioning and navigation technology. With large-capacity tray, Pudubot can deliver lots of medicines, meals, and other supplies to patients in the hospital to reduce the burden on medical staff. 

In fact, this robot also delivers food in the restaurant before COVID-19.

According to the backstage delivery data, the number of meal trays that are delivered by one robot in a day usually exceeds 300, and in the peak period the number exceeds 400. By contrast, the waiter delivers about 200 meal trays in a day, which means the robot achieves a human replacement rate of 150% to 200%. At the same time, the payback period is less than one year,making the robots highly cost-effective.

At present, more than 2,000 international companies, such as Wowa Brothers, the largest food delivery app operator in Korea; Sheraton, a leader of high-star chain hotel; Haidilao, the Chinese hot pot giant;, the Chinese e-commerce giant have adopted this robot in non-contact delivery services.

Pudu Robotics CEO Zhang Tao said: “non-human physical contact means safety, and automation means saving human efforts. In the event of human life, these two advantages will be magnified. Many technology companies have played an important role in intelligent disinfection, unmanned delivery and intelligent diagnosis during COVID-19, which made an irreversible influence to the public health system.”

Established in 2016, Shenzhen Pudu Robotics Co. Ltd. is a National High-tech Enterprise that is devoted to R&D, design, manufacture and sales of delivery robots, with headquarter in Shenzhen, the city globally famous for innovative hardware, and R&D center in Beijing and Chengdu along with branches and service center in over 60 cities in China.

Pudu’ main products are delivery robots which are widely used in restaurant, hotel, office building, hospital, Internet cafe and Karaoke. Our products are sold in over 200 cities in more than 20 countries. In 2019 alone we have sold over 5000 sets of robots. In 2019,the company has sold over 5000 robots, ranking the top in this industry.